San Antonio Groomers – Winter Grooms?!? (Don’t Neglect your Pet’s Coat)

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San Antonio Groomers – Winter Grooms?!? (Don’t Neglect your Pet’s Coat)

Benefits of using San Antonio Groomers Year Round

Many pet owners make the mistake of not visiting their San Antonio Groomer during the winter. They think that “It’s cold out. My pet will freeze if I get her groomed.” This is simply NOT true. Not bathing or grooming on a regular basis creates its own set of issues and can give rise to health problems. Neglected pets; never bathed or brushed during the cooler winter months, will often exhibit matting which can hide skin issues. Failure to inspect their pet’s skin and coat on a regular basis can prevent pet owners from noticing matts, parasites, skin or ear infections. DON’T make this mistake! Keep your pets happy & healthy by scheduling with San Antonio Groomers regularly, even in the winter months.  Call us today at Bluebonnet Grooming to schedule your pets groom (210) 399-8585.

Regular grooming does not necessarily mean a shave down or even a hair cut. When pets are brushed frequently, groomers are able to leave more of a coat (or all of it) on the pet helping to keep them warm. Matted coats are NOT warm coats. They stay wet longer, which equates to being colder and can cause irritated skin, due to the matts pulling or the dampness causing infections. They can also hide Parasites! What better place for a flea or tick to burrow in to avoid the winter weather, than under a heavy blanket of fur next to a warm body which is also a food source! A clean tangle free coat will not only dry faster when its wet, but air pockets in the longer coat actually help insulate your pet against the cooler temperatures. Wet matted coats usually smell bad as well, which will make many owners hesitate to let the dog inside during colder days & nights, and smelly dogs don’t get the love and attention they crave & deserve.
Another benefit for pet owners of visiting San Antonio regularly, even during winter months is it often alleviates the need to shave your pet down to the skin come springtime. If we prevent the matts all winter long we can give your pet a cute and short springtime “style” instead of having to worry about sunburn and skin issues or even injuring a pet during the process of removing tight matting, which is also a possibility.
At Bluebonnet Grooming we offer a bath & brush service which includes a bath in a conditioning shampoo, 15 minutes of brushing to prevent/remove tangles, Nail trimming & ear cleaning, both of which need to happen regularly all year long not just the summer months and a blowdry which prevents that wet musty smell which can be caused by air drying slowly. We also offer a Low-Shed shampoo & Conditioner, which will help loosen & remove the dead coat before it turns into a matted mess. They will also help prevent that springtime massive shedding situation when we use the low shed products regularly (every 4-6 weeks).  Even short coated dogs will benefit from a regular bath & brushout along with the nail & ear maintenance, since cooler weather prevents many people from bathing their own pets in the backyard.

So bring your pet in for regular winter groomings. Whether you think he needs a trim or just a bath & brushout, he’ll thank you for it!  Call us today to schedule an appointment (210) 399-8585.

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