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The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as they are more popularly called, originated in England. They became a fashionable pet to the upper classes in the late Victorian era, though they were originally owned by the working class, mainly weavers. With the fine texture of the Yorkie’s extremely long coat, many inferences were made to the origination of the breed being from the weaver’s looms.Yorkshire_Terrier for Blog

The earliest record of a Yorkshire Terrier in the USA was dated 1872. At that time there were two classes divided by weight, the “under 5 Pound” class and the “5 pounds and Over” class. Due to the popularity of the smaller class, the standard was eventually limited to 3-7 pound. True Show quality Yorkies “must not exceed seven pounds” according to the AKC standards.

Yorkies are a spirited breed and they definitely show their terrier origins. They make great apartment pets, as they are small and don’t require a lot of room or a large yard to exercise in. They do quite well with a couple short walks and plenty of indoor playtime each day. Care must be taken to not overindulge these sweet darlings with overfeeding, or carrying too often. Overweight pets in any breed have a shorter lifespan. So don’t overfeed or under exercise.

Grooming requirements are dependent on the length of coat. Many owners will keep their Yorkies in a short, simple to maintain, teddy bear cut. But if keeping a Yorkshire Terrier in show coat, twice daily brushings with a pin brush is recommended to prevent matting, and breakage of coat. Using a conditioning spray while brushing will help control static. Groomers in San Antonio usually suggest 4 – 6 weeks between professional groomings, more frequently may be necessary depending on season and length of coat.

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