Questions about Dog and Cat Grooming San Antonio TX

Q: Do You sedate pets?
A:  No. We do NOT sedate pets.  Nor will we work with pets who are brought in sedated. The best pet groomers in San Antonio will never ask you to sedate your pet to work on them.

Q: How do you make them to stand so still?
A:  We don’t “make them” do anything.  Pets who are groomed regularly are used to the process and stand very well for us.  This is why we recommend regular grooming and ask that puppies start their grooming at 8-10 weeks of age (after their first set of vaccines) in order to get used to the process as young as possible.  Puppies that wait until later for their first grooms are sometime so scared of new things that they are unable to tolerate grooming.

Q: Why do you only require proof of valid Rabies shots? 
A:  Rabies is the only vaccine required by Texas State law. By the time a puppy or kitten is 16 weeks of age, he or she must have had a rabies shot.  Frequency of follow-up boosters varies by county/city laws (usually 1-3 years).  We adhere to your vet’s recommendations for Rabies shot frequencies which may be governed by your city or your county of residence. The best pet groomers in San Antonio will ALWAYS check vaccine records to protect both themselves and your pet.

Q:  Do you Groom cats?
A: Yes, we do cat grooming San Antonio TX!

Q:  Why are Cats so expensive to groom?
A:  Due to their extremely thin skin, cats can be very difficult to groom safely especially when matted.  It is always best to have your cat groomed by someone Experienced in Cat Grooming San Antonio TX.  Also cats and dogs do not mix well so we only accept cat appointments first thing in the morning at 8 am so there will be fewer dogs in the shop to annoy the cats. And we never groom cats on weekends for the same reason.  Bluebonnet Grooming has 2 Experienced Cat groomers with over 20 years of experience each. See our facebook page for before and after photos of cat grooming San Antonio TX. BluebonnetGrooming/photos albums and if you find our information useful please…..

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