Ways Pets and Children Play Together

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Ways Pets and Children Play Together


You know that when summer rolls around and the kids are out of school it can be chaos around the house, especially if you have a dog San Antonio! We have a sure way to keep your children and pets happy and having fun together, even on a rainy day! Just take a look and you will see how both kids and pets can get their energy out by working and playing together. We are dog groomers San Antonio, so if you have other needs besides entertaining your kids and pets together, we are always here.

First, you must gather together supplies. There are not too many supplies that go into playing together, and your kids can help find these supplies and assemble the games. You may need chew toys, ropes, boxes, chairs, and even bubbles. The first game is a classic, fetch. Grab a toy and throw it as far as you can. Just make sure to explain to the children to not throw it at the dog, and some dogs may not fetch. You can throw chew toys, ropes, or frisbees. The next game is tug-of-war. This is a great game for children and dogs to play together. They can test their strength against each other.

The next game will need some more objects and boxes and some time to assemble it. Both dogs and children can complete a homemade obstacle course. Sturdy crates, stairs, and tunnels can be used to build a make-shift maze and obstacle course that could provide fun for hours between the children and pets. Just remember to watch them both carefully as the weave their way through.

Also, dogs will chase anything, especially bubbles. Kids love to blow bubbles and dogs love to chase them! You can buy flavored and dog safe bubbles made just for this purpose or mix up your own with the recipe below. And if your dog loves to chase the bubbles, he may also like to chase the water out of a hose as your kids play in the water on a hot summer day. Or even a super soaker gun can be both fun and entertaining for the kids and dog. Just suit up and have a fun time splashing with your kids and dog. Remember to tell the kids to never shoot the water in the face or nose of both the dog or other children.

Dog Friendly Bubble Solution:

*1/4 cup hand wash dish soap (dogs like unscented better)

*1/2 cup warm water (microwave 30-45 sec)

*1 tsp sugar (makes the bubbles last longer/taste sweeter)

*1 bouillon cube or 1 tbl spoon of broth (chicken or beef)

Dissolve bouillon cube, in the 1/2 cup water, add Sugar and dish soap, mix well & let cool to room temp. Grab your bubble wand, (or straw) and BLOW!

Another great activity to do with children and dogs, even on a rainy day, is to have a dance party! Turn up your favorite music and dance around. Your dog will pick up on the energy of the children, and will jump around too! It is a great way to get the jitters and energy out of the way. The children can gently pick up the two front paws of the pet and slowly dance the tango or the disco. One search on the Internet can inspire any child to dance with their puppy!

At Bluebonnet grooming we believe pet grooming at home is just as important as taking a dog to the professional dog groomer! So, after a game, you can help the kids groom the dog by brushing or washing. You can even make a game out of it by getting the little girls to tie bows in their hair or blow dry (cool air setting) Fido’s coat to make it nice and shiny! Making this fun can help the child to want to groom the pet, instead of making it a chore.

The next time you play with your pet and children and notice both need a bath, you can send the pet here to Bluebonnet Grooming for a wash, and even a hair cut! We offer great dog grooming services that are formed to your needs. Remember to keep up with the grooming at home and the grooming outside of the home. San Antonio, dog grooming is our business and we know just how important it is to keep your pets clean, as well as your children, it keeps them both happy and healthy!

Also, if you believe your pup needs training, we offer San Antonio dog training. We partner with Karma Dog Training on Sundays to train your puppies. So come to us for puppy training San Antonio!

Remember, we are always here to help;  answering your questions or providing great grooming services.  Give us a call at (210) 399-8585 or (830) 515-2555.

Bluebonnet Grooming is a full service groomer, serving the needs of dogs and cats, in northern San Antonio, Bulverde and Spring Branch, Texas.  Check out our website at bluebonnetgrooming.com for additional health and related articles and current coupons.


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