Poodle Breeds – Not Just “Fur” Looks

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While many people are smitten with poodles because of their fru-fru looks, few can tell you what poodles were originally bred for. Today they are known for being great lap dogs; they’re fluffy, soft, and all around sweet pups! In addition, many people are drawn to the breed because they are hypoallergenic. They do not shed and are relatively clean dogs if groomed on a regular basis. However, poodles weren’t always the little lap dogs that we know them to be today.
Poodle breeds originally came from Germany (not France like many believe) and were first bred to act as bird retrievers. They would fetch the water foul that their masters hunted and shot. Their “fru-fru” haircuts were originally meant to help them keep warm in the cold water. Hair was left in large amounts around joints and more vulnerable areas to protect them from the harsh conditions. Big colorful ribbons were often tied to them so hunters could locate them from far distances as well as tell which dog belonged to which hunter, as dogs were working animals that lived in the kennels back then, not pets.
Eventually, these standard poodles were bred down to create the miniature and the toy sized versions. Poodles make great companions and rank number 2 on the smartest dogs list! They are relatively easy to train. If you are considering a poodle for your family make sure you take into account their grooming needs! While very smart and sweet, poodles must be groomed frequently in order for them to stay matt-free! Bluebonnet Grooming recommends you to bring your poodle in every 4-6 weeks for a haircut.

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Written by Emily Young


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